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Candles made of coloured sheets
For our candles made of coloured sheets we produce approximately 1 mm sized sheets of beeswax in many different colours and nuances. Even slight changes of temperatue in the studio or in the beeswax melting pots have an impact on our work. The sheets get slightly thinner or thicker and so do the completed candles.

Colouring the beeswax
We pay special attention to colouring the beeswax. We only use the colours red and blue in general. These colours are adjusted to the natural colour of the respective supply of beeswax. Repeated tests and experience is required to achieve the desired shade of colour.

The vivid substance of beeswax is in permanent transformation. The greasy substance inside gets to the surface of the beeswax and according to the way of storage the colours might change after some time, intermingle with each other and the contrasts transform into nuances.

The completed sheets are cut and shaped to candles. This method highly contributes to the burning of the candle. The single sheets annul the densitiy of the beeswax, the candle can „breathe“ and therefore burns nearly in a dripless way. Due to the fact that we primarily use beekeepers‘ wax the residues of bee pollen which give the wax the typical colour and the special smell can pose a problem while burning thicker candles.

We do not admix additives like microcrystalline hard wax or similar substances. This way the high viscosity of the beeswax is preserved. The candle burns for an unusually long period with a beautiful and warm flame.

Beeswax taper
In between two wheels there is the wax melting tub containing the liquid beeswax. The wick is wound on one wheel and during the next step drawn through the besswax in the tub while being wound to the other wheel. After being cooled down the beeswax string is drawn through the beeswax again while being wound to the first wheel. This process is repeated approximately 18 times in order to achieve the right size of the beeswax string which is between 6 mm and 8 mm.

This process is responsible for the job profile of a“ wax-chandler“. The completed beeswax string is finally transformed into beeswax tapers

In our early days we copied historical shapes which are rather complicated. Our longing for creativity has finally generated shapes which we will hopefully refine in the future. We do not attach any applications so the beeswax taper is reinforced in its real purpose. It should be used as a lightoffering.

Candles supporting ritualised meditation
are manufactured like beeswax tapers in different colours and are cut to approximately 39 cm long candles. Duration of burning about 3 hours.

Candles that are scooped
Many people are mistaken by thinking that dipping wicks into beeswax is a typical wax-chandler’s activity which is fundamentally wrong. The wax-chandler „scoops“ candles by casting liquid beeswax on the wick as long as the candle has achieved its required body. This activity demands a lot of skill and time, but correctly scooped candles are beyond comparison.

We only manufacture this type of candle on demand and at purchase of a considerable number of pieces at longer periods of delivery.

Our stock is generally rather small as we are a small-sized business producing only temporarily. If you have a larger order in mind or you need a specific candle in due time, please order as fast as possible.

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